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We are proud to offer the refreshing combination of both competitive pricing and a positive buying experience when you’re looking to acquire that special item.


Our extensive resources, knowledge and years of experience, allows us to offer our customers prices for their items that are hard to beat anywhere else.


Our mission from the beginning has been to provide our clients with an alternative to the low-balling, high-charging dealers and to give an alternative to regular bank loans.
25 years of experiences

Our clients have the peace of mind of working with a trusted team that provides insight into the process of authentication and accurate value opinions on antiques, fine art, coins, jewelry & collections.

Whether you’re facing restrictions on borrowing capacity or simply need extra cash, Moloian Luxury Assets is here to provide a solution. The process of is simple, quick and completely confidential.
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About Us

The cornerstones for success are honesty, character, integrity and loyalty.

Moloian Luxury Assets is a full-service California licensed hard asset lending institution located in the beautiful city of Westlake Village. We are dedicated to helping you with all your money needs in a fast and courteous manner. With over 20 years combined experience, we have the flexibility to lend you the maximum dollar amount possible on almost anything of value. We provide a convenient solution for short-term cash. We buy, sell, loan, and trade on items including, but not limited to: jewelry, diamonds, fine watches, coins, autos, sports + entertainment memorabilia and fine art.

What We Can Do

Innovative strategies to ensure win-win solutions

We know that traditional forms of financing can often be too slow, burdensome and invasive, or have a negative tax consequence that make them less than ideal option, particularly when time is a factor and you need something quick. Let us help you save time and expedite a real winning solution.
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Nothing is quite the same as
meeting people face to face

Many people believe coin collecting is a hobby that many people enjoy on their own, in solitude, while rummaging through piles of coins. In many respects, numismatics is a pastime well suited to introverts who enjoy researching, studying, and evaluating coins and their histories on their own time alone. Yet numismatics has a major social element to it as well. There’s a side of coin collecting where individuals come together to meet others, share knowledge, trade coins, have a good time with one another, and make lasting memories at coin shows. We travel to several coin shows all throughout the country and internationally all throughout the year. View our events page to see which shows we are attending next!
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We pride ourselves in providing the best service

Doing business with us is completely straightforward. The process is discreet, requiring little paperwork, no credit checks, limited personal or business information and the turn around time is quick.