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  • Do you buy all forms of gold? Even my old broken jewelry?
    Yes, we buy all forms of gold, silver, and platinum. It can be ugly, old, or broken. It does not matter to us.
  • Are old coins rare?
    Some are rare, some are not. Just about everything is common. If you think about it, that’s what makes rare stuff rare — the definition of “rare” is… “most things aren’t”. Just because you don’t ...
  • Do you report customers buying to the IRS?
    No, what you sell is for you to report.
  • What do you buy besides coins, paper money, gold, and silver?
    Lots of things: diamonds, gems, comic books (1960s and before), baseball cards (1960s and before), Star Wars toys (1980s and before), meteorites, stamp collections, pocket watches, and more. If you have something interesting to sell ...
  • Should I clean my dirty coins before selling them?
    The short answer is “NO!” Cleaning a coin often presents an enigma. A coin that has circulated and shows signs of wear has an altered appearance if it has been cleaned. In essence, what you ...
  • Are all old coins worth a lot of money?
    Age alone does NOT make something rare or valuable! If that were true, rocks and trees would be worth a fortune, and we’d all be rich. However, while that’s generally a true statement, there’s always ...
  • Do I need to make an appointment?
    Appointments are usually not needed if you come to see us at a show. If our regular hours are inconvenient for you call and make an appointment.
  • What does the term numismatist mean?
    A numismatist [noo-MIZ-muh-tist] is one who studies money in any of its forms. Numismatists often specialize in certain areas of numismatics such as coins, medals and tokens, or paper currency. There are no prerequisites to ...

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