Silver and Gold Stackers, this one is for you.

Are you a Silver Stacker or a Gold Hog?  This one is for you….

One day you are just living your life normally and then out of left field you seem to notice these shiny metal things made of Silver, Gold, Platinum, or Palladium and say to yourself “what is that?” You then learn the word Bullion and must have me some of that for yourself.  And there begins your very own bonified bullion addiction.  We have all been there.  It starts with a Generic Round or two.  Maybe a couple of Silver Eagles with those hefty premiums. And then, pretty soon you are stashing away full rolls of Maple Leaf’s, and 10-ounce bars like it is nothing.     Or you may be at that stage in your addiction, where your safe is so full you could not squeeze another Ounza in it if you tried.  Nowadays your thoughts are consumed with how you are going to start cashing in some of that Silver for Gold just to free up some space in the safe!  I mean, you could get a bigger safe, but now spending money on that kind of metal seems like such a waste when you can spend it on Gold and Silver.

Just know this.  It is not your fault.   Let’s face it.  We humans, we like our stuff.   Scratch that, we LOVE our stuff!  If it wasn’t for stuff, we probably would not have never come down from the trees.   Imagine two hominoids in a tree staring at a pretty rock on the ground, and each of them saying “I am not going down there, you go pick it up if you want it that bad.”  And then one day, they wanted it so bad, they did!  So, the problem is not you, it’s your species.  We like Stuff.  

What made matters worse was we now had an extra hand for stuff because we did not have to hold onto branches anymore.  We now had 2 hands available to pick up stuff!   The consumerism race had begun.  And then we needed caves to put all that stuff in so other hominids would not steal it.  We now call this the housing market.    

But here’s where some turn onto the obscure path of Rare Coin Collecting.  While any Gold Eagle looks more or less like any other gold eagle and can be purchased any time you have the money (your premium may vary), you may have noticed that there are rare Gold and Silver Coins that are worth many times more than their intrinsic metal value alone.  How is that possible you contemplate?  And then you learn about real rarity and how that is represented by something made for another time we cannot even imagine living in.  And that by holding it in our hands, we can experience a sense of connecting to that time.   For those Silver Stackers or God Hogs that find themselves here, don’t be ashamed, it is normal, Bullion is the gateway drug to Rare Coin Collecting.